A lot of that is “nice but out of reach”, either due to state laws and/or our insurance coverage

B&Bs and any sort of “guest stay” or even tourism-type events are specifically not covered, because they’re such high risk of claims. We had a CSA for a few years and it didn’t work out very well for us.

The stuff I’m mulling right now tries to meet three criteria:
1) minimal new setup, up-front expenses, and/or permits
2) makes use of something we already have in abundance
3) can be done year-round rather than seasonally

So far I’ve come up with the following:
website articles
pet food
wood craft products
wool/fiber products
professional svcs, probably for some of the software products I used to design/support

The website articles are particularly appealing, because I enjoy writing, I can write a full article in only a few days, and I can sell it over and over again without any additional effort. So that’s where I’m leaning at the moment. The wood crafts and wool/fiber products appeal to my arts-n-crafts side, but there’s a lot of prep work involved. The professional services/consulting is also appealing, because if I work for three hours, I get paid for three hours. But a lot of those professional contacts and networking have moved on to vastly different fields, and/or that work has been shipped overseas. So article-writing might be the primary, then perhaps crafts work over the winter. That’s a good wintertime activity anyway.

As I read your post just now

I couldn’t help but cheer right along with you! I know every marriage takes both parties to keep things going and am glad to hear you are working on getting your business pumped up too. I am excited for both of you as you each learn new habits and learn to work together.

I am trying, too, to find new ways to get my income up for my coaster business. I am looking at taking an ad out in a relatively new local magazine that is more upscale in content and design. I believe it reaches the market I am trying to reach … middle to upper income earners who have some disposable income to spend on custom gifts. My goal is to get a call in to the advertising department for rates. Dh told me last night that a lady in his Rotary club works there. I said, “Let me see if I can find her name listed at the front.” (Where the list the editor, ad exec, sales exec. etc.) I found it and guess what? She is the Advertising Director.

One thing that is a confirmation for me to use this magazine, depending on rates of course, is two articles I just read. One is about a local band of 3 young men who are all Christians and are working full time jobs and trying to make a go of the band. I know one from the local Chick-fil-a. The other article was highlighting a local pastor from an island in the Caribbean, I believe, who is now living in our area. He furthered his education within an hour of here and stayed in this area to minister. Awesome stories, both of them.

Okay, now that I’ve put that out there, I need to put a date on that task/goal. My goal is to talk to the Advertising Director that dh knows by Monday and have a rate sheet in my hand so I can make a decision about ad space. Alright, every one, hold me to this and ask me if I’ve done it!

So Sunday I sat down and made myself this huge list of goals (sound familiar ladies?)

For the next year for Buddy the Bathtub Duck and his friends. Had a discussion with the guys about it and have already started on that monster of a list. IF all goes well I should be generating an income by the fall that would help pay off our debt and carry over to help supplement our retirement.
One step is to advertise, thus the post I just put up about cyber networking—please read it and see what you think of the idea.
On other fronts we completed week six of eating out of food storage—really wanted to go for a Sonic burger though—stayed home and had tuna casserole instead.
I made my first true snowball payment on BB and the statement cut off shortly after that. It combined with the small bonus payments saved a whopping $2.05 in interest this month, not a lot on the face of it, but in the long run that is $2.05 that will not compound will increase in savings as time goes on. I’m pleased.
Ds’ being farmed out to another company Mickey Moused with our fuel budget a bit, but the guys got it worked out and ds will now be home on Fridays to help me with the business for the next few months (working 4 tens) so it is all good.
Oh, apparently squirrels and rabbits don’t like pepperocini peppers because while they are munching on everything else in the garden I got to pick some nice peppers this weekend.

Can’t remember the website

It was an offshoot search when I was trying to find out what Paul’s kids were doing. Couldn’t find any private info about his other two kids, but did find a webpage dedicated to his building a 5 million dollar house. Lots of discussion of whether that was a wise use of his money or not. The house is a small portion of his net worth, so some people agreed that it was his money, he paid cash for the house, and he could do whatever he wanted. But others thought it was too ostentatious no matter what your net worth is. They cited Warren Buffett as being super rich and living in an old small home anyway. Paul’s always liked toys and he’s never been shy about it. He just does his purchasing with cash.

I do agree with your thinking

We too live a “simple” life, but everyone’s definition is different. We have the 5 bed, 3 bath house with pool. No, not what I really wanted, but it fit the budget and I needed to find a house in 3 days–that was 21+ yrs ago. We have 6 people living here and 2 birds. I have 4 cars in the drive–need another and a motorcycle in the garage. My “custom” furniture is what my DH had made–tables, chairs, benches–both indoor and out. We have redone the whole yard/pool, pavers and landscaping included. Took us 4 years, but it is done.

we mostly cook from scratch, we do grow some veggies and lots of herbs.

My frustration is people will try to outdo each other and not understand how the other person got to where they are now. I purchase by quality and check for prices. Rarely do I do an impulse purchase and when I do, I discuss it with my DH.