As I read your post just now

I couldn’t help but cheer right along with you! I know every marriage takes both parties to keep things going and am glad to hear you are working on getting your business pumped up too. I am excited for both of you as you each learn new habits and learn to work together.

I am trying, too, to find new ways to get my income up for my coaster business. I am looking at taking an ad out in a relatively new local magazine that is more upscale in content and design. I believe it reaches the market I am trying to reach … middle to upper income earners who have some disposable income to spend on custom gifts. My goal is to get a call in to the advertising department for rates. Dh told me last night that a lady in his Rotary club works there. I said, “Let me see if I can find her name listed at the front.” (Where the list the editor, ad exec, sales exec. etc.) I found it and guess what? She is the Advertising Director.

One thing that is a confirmation for me to use this magazine, depending on rates of course, is two articles I just read. One is about a local band of 3 young men who are all Christians and are working full time jobs and trying to make a go of the band. I know one from the local Chick-fil-a. The other article was highlighting a local pastor from an island in the Caribbean, I believe, who is now living in our area. He furthered his education within an hour of here and stayed in this area to minister. Awesome stories, both of them.

Okay, now that I’ve put that out there, I need to put a date on that task/goal. My goal is to talk to the Advertising Director that dh knows by Monday and have a rate sheet in my hand so I can make a decision about ad space. Alright, every one, hold me to this and ask me if I’ve done it!

No one needs a smartphone

But, Bill G. is NOT a proponent of a simple lifestyle. He is a proponent of living within your means. His personal means are valued around 55 million. He does not live a simple lifestyle.
His message is take care of what you have. Once you’ve gone through the baby steps, do what you want with your money.
There are quite a few people on this board that make a lot of money and are able to give their children “things”.
I love the simple lifestyle, but my DH doesn’t. I could live a lavish lifestyle too, but I’m just as happy living simply.
There is nothing inherently wrong with buying kids stuff. Teaching your kids good money skills is. That’s why we are all on this board.

Best wishes in your endeavor!!

Personally, I would not read a book on simplicity if the main thrust of the book is homesteading and how to do it. I know there are plenty of people like Kathryn and her husband who choose that lifestyle, but for us it ain’t happenin’! LOL I love the fact there there are those who do it. I believe it makes a solid contribution to our country to have homesteaders who are self-sustaining and want to provide fresh, quality products to the community. Now, if homesteading were simply a chapter, or two or three, then that would be fine.

I would like to see this addressed … so many people are filling their lives up with junk, I mean pure junk … products that are of inferior quality, in order to satisfy a whole that more stuff can never fill … whether it’s stuff for the house, more “toys” (cars, boats, RV’s, atv’s, etc.), more toys for the kids, vacations, etc. I am not against those things at all if a person can pay cash without affecting their lifestyle and they’ve planned for it. But too many people are seeking satisfaction in those things.

In my beliefs, there is only One Way to get that deep satisfaction–contentment, if you will, that is through a relationship with Jesus. Not everyone will see it that way and that is okay. Stacy, maybe that is not your frame of reference. If it’s not, then I can understand how that will not be included in your book.

A little OT but could use your help

For the past couple of years I have been toying with the idea of writing a book on the subject of simplicity. More specifically, simple living, or as some call it intentional living. Problem is that I’ve never written a full book before (usually short essays or commentaries) and I’m not sure where to start. So I thought I would start with you.
What topics would you like to see in a book on simple living/intentional living?
Obviously finances will be in there, but what other areas do you want to know more about in terms of how it applies to a simple living lifestyle?
What topics do you feel are over done in books on simplicity and should be only touched on with less print devoted to them?
What areas do you never see in a book on simplicity/simple living/intentional living but feel should be in there?

Any help you can give would be appreciated.