We are still screaming that we are debt free March 22 at 3 PM CST

We are just doing it via phone. I am just super busy lately and have no time for a trip. We ordered a big metal building in cash. It is going to be part man cave for my husband and half homeschool room. I am so excited ! It has been my dream for awhile. I am feeling WAYYY better health wise too. I am trying to cram all the stuff we didn’t get done when I was sick into the next few weeks before school starts. Our house remodel is almost done too ! I have been out enjoying debt free life and have missed alot on the blog. I am sorry everyone. I am hoping to get caught up soon. 🙂

We have been trying to get a little more exercise in our lives

This last few weeks and generally this includes a walk. The last few days it has been a walk to the mailbox. Not only is this good exercise because it is rough terrain, up and down hills and ½-1 mile walk it allows us time for family chats as we walk.
Yesterday’s talk was to bring ds up to date on what is going on at their mutual office. Ds is currently farmed out to another company, which is good for him to stretch his wings and gain more confidence in his drafting abilities. It didn’t hurt his ego any that the department head of the project specifically asked for him either. But I digress.
Dh had left work nearly an hour late because of a big meeting. The meeting was scheduled, but the subject was a surprise to most of the company. The owner has hired an individual to “teach management humility.” Yep, you read right. To teach them humility. Apparently the debacle with the paychecks this last winter is just the tip of the iceberg. 2-3 employees a month have been quitting ever since the first of the year and when asked why they have cited things like the pay check mess, including the insults that were hurled about other employees money management (I personally am still pissed about that one). Dh said the first person named on the owner’s hit list is the comptroller. It seems she’s been still messing paychecks up (not ours, dh thinks she’s afraid of me—she should be), and when she is faced with her errors she is rude to the complainers. The owner basically told everyone that either she works with this trainer and adjusts her attitude or she’s history, same goes for the rest of management.
Apparently her attitude has bled over to some others in management and the owner feels this is exactly why they have lost so many good employees to other companies. I think the first clue the owner got was when each and everyone of those leaving stated they were leaving because they were tired of being talked down to by certain management members.
This trainer is to be there for a year! I doubt the comptroller will make it through the fall. Truthfully I’m surprised the boss has put up with her this long.

I’ve actually been mulling this question/topic a tad more

After I posted my first topic, I realized there are many different facets of “live simply”. Ours is one, but it’s definitely not the only one. I strongly concur that a lot of kids are programmed into perfect little consumer machines, and then spend the rest of their lives living out that programming. And I definitely concur that folks don’t need to be involved with, or interested in, homesteading or farming in order to simplify their lives. I think where I was going with that comment last night was more along the lines of acknowledging that any adoption of ideals, will bring with it some trade-offs. For us, we had to work our butts off physically so that we could build (literally) the life we wanted. We didn’t realize that was part of the trade-off, until we were actually IN the lifestyle. For other households we’re familiar with, who aren’t farming but who have adopted a “simpler” lifestyle, their lives actually got more complicated. They have to work at it to figure out alternatives to the smoothly-packaged, aggressively-marketed choices and options all around them. For instance, what to tell their kids when all their kids’ friends not only have iPhones but FB accounts, and entire conversations occur on FB and/or via iPhone that they can’t share in? How does a kid without an iPhone and/or FB account, participate in that social life? In that quest for “simple”, that’s a complicated issue ExtLoans Co. – long term installment loans online. So, Are there ways to live beyond the merry-go-round of consumerism gone berzerk? Yes, I firmly believe so. But is it “simple”?? No, I think it gets harder every day. For me, living simply means having the closest connection possible between me and the products I need to live. And that has created an entire web of “gotta-do’s”. For others, whose idea of “simple” maybe means less electronic garbage in the house, or less TV, or less junk food, that’s awesome. But the choices and options they’ll have to make to acquire that “simpler life”????? Definitely more complicated than merely drinking the Koolaide and going along with the crowds. I think perhaps that’s why so few people buck the trend. It’s “simpler” to just go along with it all.

A lot of what we’re doing here

started with a general desire to go out and “live simply” and homestead and raise our own food and meet as many of our own needs as possible, via what we could grow or make on the property. We’ve got a LOT of books on the shelves that talk about this way of life. What we didn’t figure on, was the WORK involved. The books would talk about going out and clearing a spot of land for the cabin or the hayfield. Groovy. They didn’t get into chainsaw safety or felling trees safely or tractor/implement safety or that you’d be so dog-tired after the first day of work that you’d be too stiff to move the next three days. Or that it would take you a whole string of days, when you thought it would only take a few hours. They say every project can be measured in terms of time, money and effort. If you are limited on one of those, you’ll have to make up for it with the other two. In our case, we didn’t have a lot of time, at one point we had a decent amount of money, but dang that “effort” rating went right off the charts. So a chapter or two on “realistic planning” would probably be a good idea.
I’m actually thinking of a similar article, no it wouldn’t compete with yours but rather would be “Chapter Two” of your line of thinking. I’m late getting started on chores tonight so I won’t describe it here, but I’ll write it up tomorrow morning as part of my “did you do your homework” report.