I’m guilty I guess

I have a 3yo and an 18 mo; Little boy gets up early so we usually go downstairs and hang out on the couch and play on the iPad. I am consistently amazed at how FAST he “gets” the apps in terms of vocabulary, numbers, matching games, etc.

Little girl is older so gets it even more — she grew up with Mickey Mouse and Elmo on the iPad and is smart as a whip.

At one point I even contemplated getting another iPad so the kids would each have one to play with but realized it’s better if they learn to take turns and share. iPad apps have come a long way IMO.

Trust me though they still play with pens and paper and glue sticks and bubbles, blah, blah, blah. The iPad is just another tool in their educational arsenal.

Well when I think of simple living

I think of not being ostentatious with my finances. I don’t think there is a simple definition necessarily.

When I cook – I cook from scratch. I say when I cook because prior to my daughter coming back home, I ate out more often than not because I don’t get the hang of cooking for one person. At least with another mouth to feed, and the fact that she’s home more than she’s away, the food that I prepare doesn’t go to waste. When I cook… I make my own pasta for instance, tomato sauce from fresh tomato’s, bread in the oven, etc. I have the staples – yeast, flour, sugar, eggs, butter and from that I can create any number of things. I haven’t had the urge to grow my own tomato’s or buy chickens to get my own eggs.

I have downsized houses…there was a time in my life when I had the estate, with two fully furnished living rooms, a family room, an entertainment room and all of the trimmings ad nauseum. I realized I was over the top when the inground pool had to be lifted over the house with a crane and it had to be transported to my home with lead cars and all of that. Now, literally the house I live in now could fit in the family room in totality. I now need only a place to sit, eat and lay my head and my little cottage fills that need. No nick nacks no extravagances, my china and silver and crystal is packed away and I hold on to that to pass on to my daughter one day. Gone are my expensive wool rugs that covered every floor, the crystal chandeliers, and most of my custom made furniture etc. I have custom made curtains in the windows – but I sew so I made them all – in every house I’ve ever lived in barring my childhood home, I’ve made the drapery, the duvet coverings, I did all the painting techniques on the walls, with oops paint.

I’m extravagant I guess you could say with my auto(s) but when I pay for them with cash, and maintain them myself after their warranty is gone and keep them 10+ years, the extravagance really becomes one perception, not necessarily my reality.

I do however still maintain the debt mindset, which is why I stick and stay with this group! I am of the opinion of buying the best that one can afford but my thinking has been modified. Buy the best you can afford – pay cash to do it. Buy quality – but pay cash to do it. Buy quantity – but pay cash to do it. Oddly, this is simplicity in living to me. Maybe I’m an oddity or have my concept of simple living wrong.