We are still screaming that we are debt free March 22 at 3 PM CST

We are just doing it via phone. I am just super busy lately and have no time for a trip. We ordered a big metal building in cash. It is going to be part man cave for my husband and half homeschool room. I am so excited ! It has been my dream for awhile. I am feeling WAYYY better health wise too. I am trying to cram all the stuff we didn’t get done when I was sick into the next few weeks before school starts. Our house remodel is almost done too ! I have been out enjoying debt free life and have missed alot on the blog. I am sorry everyone. I am hoping to get caught up soon. 🙂

Glad your DH’s employer is getting so serious about keeping employees happy

I have occasionally heard about companies hiring special trainers for things like efficiency, Covey-type optimistic management styles and the like, and even ethics principles. But never humility. I think that boss should get some kudo’s for listening to his employees’ complaints while still trying to work with the comptroller. Most biz owners would have simply a) blown off the complaints or b) fired the person outright, rather than try to find a decent solution. Veeeeery interesting business owner you have there. Maybe make him a batch of cookies sometime, for being a decent, balance-seeking human being. Sounds like one.