Best wishes in your endeavor!!

Personally, I would not read a book on simplicity if the main thrust of the book is homesteading and how to do it. I know there are plenty of people like Kathryn and her husband who choose that lifestyle, but for us it ain’t happenin’! LOL I love the fact there there are those who do it. I believe it makes a solid contribution to our country to have homesteaders who are self-sustaining and want to provide fresh, quality products to the community. Now, if homesteading were simply a chapter, or two or three, then that would be fine.

I would like to see this addressed … so many people are filling their lives up with junk, I mean pure junk … products that are of inferior quality, in order to satisfy a whole that more stuff can never fill … whether it’s stuff for the house, more “toys” (cars, boats, RV’s, atv’s, etc.), more toys for the kids, vacations, etc. I am not against those things at all if a person can pay cash without affecting their lifestyle and they’ve planned for it. But too many people are seeking satisfaction in those things.

In my beliefs, there is only One Way to get that deep satisfaction–contentment, if you will, that is through a relationship with Jesus. Not everyone will see it that way and that is okay. Stacy, maybe that is not your frame of reference. If it’s not, then I can understand how that will not be included in your book.