I am a “buy what you can afford” person when it comes to gifts for people – children and adults

A simply lived life doesn’t have to ban electronics in my opinion. The fact that we’re all communicating on line gives testament to the fact that we are all computer literate, why not have and encourage the same for our children? A 10 year old computer will still work, but it will be slower and less efficient, but if that is what you can afford, sobeit. But if you can afford a newer model and keep it for 10 years that would be my choice. Thus my feelings about cell phones for teens – I bought the latest model for my daughter and it served her well for a few years because I recognize that teens would rather text than talk – it is the nature of the beast that is a teenager in this day and age. I don’t see it detracting from conversation or creativity for a teen. You generally have to prod them all with a million questions to get them to “talk” to you, with or without a cell phone.

Now if you can’t afford a cell phone, or have to make payments on it (like ATT just announced they were going to give the option of doing), that is an entirely different conversation. Definitely live within your means.