So Sunday I sat down and made myself this huge list of goals (sound familiar ladies?)

For the next year for Buddy the Bathtub Duck and his friends. Had a discussion with the guys about it and have already started on that monster of a list. IF all goes well I should be generating an income by the fall that would help pay off our debt and carry over to help supplement our retirement.
One step is to advertise, thus the post I just put up about cyber networking—please read it and see what you think of the idea.
On other fronts we completed week six of eating out of food storage—really wanted to go for a Sonic burger though—stayed home and had tuna casserole instead.
I made my first true snowball payment on BB and the statement cut off shortly after that. It combined with the small bonus payments saved a whopping $2.05 in interest this month, not a lot on the face of it, but in the long run that is $2.05 that will not compound will increase in savings as time goes on. I’m pleased.
Ds’ being farmed out to another company Mickey Moused with our fuel budget a bit, but the guys got it worked out and ds will now be home on Fridays to help me with the business for the next few months (working 4 tens) so it is all good.
Oh, apparently squirrels and rabbits don’t like pepperocini peppers because while they are munching on everything else in the garden I got to pick some nice peppers this weekend.