A lot of what we’re doing here

started with a general desire to go out and “live simply” and homestead and raise our own food and meet as many of our own needs as possible, via what we could grow or make on the property. We’ve got a LOT of books on the shelves that talk about this way of life. What we didn’t figure on, was the WORK involved. The books would talk about going out and clearing a spot of land for the cabin or the hayfield. Groovy. They didn’t get into chainsaw safety or felling trees safely or tractor/implement safety or that you’d be so dog-tired after the first day of work that you’d be too stiff to move the next three days. Or that it would take you a whole string of days, when you thought it would only take a few hours. They say every project can be measured in terms of time, money and effort. If you are limited on one of those, you’ll have to make up for it with the other two. In our case, we didn’t have a lot of time, at one point we had a decent amount of money, but dang that “effort” rating went right off the charts. So a chapter or two on “realistic planning” would probably be a good idea.
I’m actually thinking of a similar article, no it wouldn’t compete with yours but rather would be “Chapter Two” of your line of thinking. I’m late getting started on chores tonight so I won’t describe it here, but I’ll write it up tomorrow morning as part of my “did you do your homework” report.